“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand."

Paul Rand



What is Branding?

It’s not only about your logo. Branding encompasses every experience a customer engages with your company, your product, or your service.


What is a Brand Identity?

The visual presence – The Logo, stationary elements, packaging, signage, clothing apparel, and any other marketing collateral.


Why is branding important?

The process helps to build brand awareness, communicate the brand values and grow and maintain customer loyalty.


When does one start the branding process?

  1. When you’ve started a business

  2. When you need a rebrand or refresh

  3. When you’ve pivoted your business completely and need to realign its vision and purpose.

  4. When you’ve merged your company with another.


What is Innativ Studio’s brand development process?

  • Connect – Meet with client and establish needs and deliverables.

  • Discover - Discovery session, research, conceptualization and visualization.

  • Design – Execute graphic development.

  • Iterate - Feedback and crafting.

  • Launch – From design to production.

Once you have signed up as a client, more details are shared about the process each step of the way.


Who works on the brand?

A team of individuals:

  • Owner – Information and feedback

  • Marketing specialist or  team

  • Brand strategist or an experienced Graphic Designer – Research, brand direction, plan implementation

  • Graphic Designer/ Art director– graphic elements/design

  • Copywriter – Copy for slogans, names, print and digital elements


If I am a single founder or partner founder, do I need a full branding team?

No - Innativ Studio works with you unless agreed upon for additional assistance.


What does the discovery session entail?

For Innativ studio to understand everything about your company or brand and your product/services. Your company goals, vision and target market. To establish deliverables.


Do I need a brand strategy session?

If you feel that your company needs much more than just a visual identity, but need brand clarity and a brand roadmap going forward for digital marketing strategies, SEO, brand communication with suppliers then YES.


What is the brand strategy process?

  • We conduct two strategy sessions.

  • Strategy session 1 – Audit of the company brand and unpacking information.

  • Research, data gathering and SWOT analysis

  • Strategy session 2 – Present findings and feedback, input and clarification.

  • Brand roadmap proposal and recommendations.


What is the ROI of a brand strategy plan?

A formal brand roadmap document that provides clarity and documentation on the following:

  • Brand purpose, mission, vision and goals

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand story

  • Brand recognition - Messaging, tone, voice and style

  • Customer brand awareness